The Gologic-Philosophy

1st We are designers and programmers have a person

Only then do one hand what the other is doing and you get a website as a unified whole.

2nd Our designs are based on content - not vice versa

We dispense with removable archive pictures, generic flash intros and templates from the pole.

3rd We program by hand - always

And not to code editors. So our code is always flawless and gives us more control over the outcome.

4th We suggest you always have the smallest solution

This allows us to better focus on the core tasks of your website. And your budget.

5th We focus on fresh and unused colors

For example, your site stands out from the crowd better and stay with your customer in mind.

6th We know how search engines functionieren

And your search terms are working from the beginning in the code with a. This saves you a lot of work afterwards.

7th Our user interfaces have never learned to be

Our sophisticated information architecture takes the user from this work.

8th We prefer to work with Apple Macs

So we can work with pixel precision and always at the forefront of the latest developments.

9th We make professional photos where others use stock images

This gives your site the character that needs it. And show your customers that you your site is worth something.

10th * We maintain your site long term

So they do not (like so many) with the time to register corpse.
* for a small fee


Project Planner

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